Nature is eternal, timeless, evergreen and undying!!

This is what lies as the inspiration behind the name PERENNE.  A Spanish word, which means EVERGREEN. Every creature in this world revolves around nature for its survival.  Nothing in this world can exist without nature. In fact, even our beauty gets its basic dose of nourishment from nature only.

At a time when things like air pollution, drastic atmospheric changes are becoming one of the major reasons of various skin diseases, we are in a great need of a strong shield to protect our skin from the hazards around us, and what else could be more promising than nature, as artificial cosmetics can never feed our beauty requirements.

According to an article on harmful cosmetics published in Times Of India, the cosmetic moisturizers available in the market consist harmful synthetic chemicals and carry high amount concentrations of detergents or detergent-like chemicals that harms and degrades the natural protective function of the skin.

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So, do you still wish to use these so called quality beauty products?

Due to the frequent use of chemical based cosmetic products, our body starts absorbing these harmful chemicals which may lead to severe skin and health problems including fatal diseases like cancer. That’s why one cannot find a better option than natural beauty treatments. The amazing healing powers of natural ingredients creates a preventive layer with no side effects or health ailments and ensures an adequate supply of oxygen to breathe life in deep skin pores.

In Perenne, we mingle varied natural ingredients to create a complete nature enriched beauty products which gently remove impurities, pollution and dust particles to leave you with a spotless skin.  To keep the purity undisturbed, our products consists up to 96% of natural ingredients such as fruit extracts, leaves, herbs and added actives which pour a good dose of nourishment in your skin.

The natural extracts of fruits and flowers which we have used are collected from different parts of the world and are combined with new scientific ingredients such as Vit C, Kojic acid, Glycolic acid to generate a rich range of natural beauty products. Inspired by the European beauty trends, some very rare bio-extracts are used which have a great impact, but are not available or (more precisely) haven’t created in India yet.  Besides, we use only natural preservatives, which safely enhances the life of products.

Supported by advanced French technology and formulas while manufactured in advanced German machinery, our products have successfully cleared multiple quality evaluation tests and got labelled as high -quality natural beauty products.

Perenne appropriately serves the beauty care needs according to Indian weather conditions and skin types.  Another thing which keeps Perenne one step ahead from stereotype culture of cosmetic market is, that no animal derivatives and artificial colors are used. Resulted from a research of years, the products are filled with nature’s unparalleled healing powers and guarantees to set your skin free from all environmental hazards and skin problems such as ageing, blemishes, acne, dark spots, irritation, dead skin cells and sunburn.

It’s time to remove the layers of artificiality and reborn with an evergreen natural beauty!!

Who We Are

To be precise, Perenne which means EVERGREEN is a vast range of skin care products that is coated with the nourishing qualities of rare natural ingredients, which feeds your skin with the desired dose of nutrition and moisture. The vast range of products blesses you with an even toned, bright, spotless skin and makes you a perfect paragon of an evergreen beauty.

With the help of nature, mankind has created many wonders. Following the same culture, we have achieved success in discovering amazing, result-oriented beauty care products. By merging the strength of natural extracts taken from various parts of the world and modern bio-technology (like stem cells) we have succeeded in creating a completely new genre of beauty and skin care products. Most exciting thing is, we have successfully cleared the most stringent quality check tests, which adds another tag of reliability to our products. Let nature give you ‘Moksha’ from all skin ailments and grace your beauty with immortality!



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