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Why should we follow CTM regime everyday?

Why should we follow CTM regime everyday?

Our skin is more prone to dust, free radicals, pollution, damage due to our frequent travelling, long exposure to sun, environmental pollution etc. It becomes necessary to follow a regime that can help in controlling the effect of external radicals and get the freshness back.

Also, Please Don’t Forget – the First Impression Is The Last Impression. CTM (Cleansing, toning, moisturizing) is an essential part of our facial skincare routine. The cleanser removes all dust, dirt, pollution particles and other impurities from the skin avoiding acne and breakouts. Toner gently revitalizes skin and help to maintain pH balance ensuring the preservation of natural moisture. Moisturiser nurtures and moisturises the skin leaving the skin hydrated. For best products, try Perenne cosmeceutical range.

Why CTM is important to follow in the daily regime?

In our environment pollution is increasing day by day. It not only affects your health but also your skin’s upper layer also. All-day we are using mobiles and laptops which causes digital ageing so our skin needs more care. Also stress level is increasing and there are many more factors causing hormonal changes leading to breakouts and various skin problems. Hence a regular twice a day CTM is absolutely essential to keep visible signs of ageing away from the skin. Cleansing keeps skin free of dirt, dust, excess oil and toxins. Toning maintains the pH balance of the skin which is responsible for your skin texture whether it is dry, combination or oily. It also helps in tightening pores, reducing whiteheads and blackheads and it refreshes your skin leaving it well hydrated. Moisturising ensures that your skin is well-nourished and nurtured.

How to choose CTM?

Always choose CTM according to your skin type.

Types of CTM

We have an aqua restoration range CTM for all skin types with Cleansing Cream, Revitalizing tonic mist and Moisturizing cream. (Add link)
Clarifying oil control range CTM for oily and acne-prone skin. It has Clarifying facewash, clarifying toner, Clarifying Moisturising gel. (Add link)

How Perenne CTM is unique?

Perenne CTM is chemical-free so makeup does not turn cakey or Black so perfect as a pre-makeup base. Being Silicon free, it does not deteriorate skin texture. So best for post makeup care as it helps in skin restoration.

Why CTM should be Silicon free?

Silicon acts like cling film and traps your skin. So natural processes of skin slow
down, transpiration and desquamation(depletion of old skin cells and renewal of skin cells) processes do not happen. Your skin can’t breathe which eventually makes your skin dull and dry. Makeup are usually silicon-based so when you remove makeup at night and do CTM to revive and restore then make sure it is silicon-free so that skin restoration and rejuvenation happens well overnight.
Perenne CTM is silicon free and when used regularly saves from side effects of

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