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Five Common Myths About Natural Skincare, Debunked

Five Common Myths About Natural Skincare, Debunked

Revealing the truth behind some common myths surrounding natural skincare

Natural skincare has been in the spotlight in the last couple of years much more than ever before. A major reason for this has been the shift towards a more mindful approach when it comes to our everyday choices relating to lifestyle, beauty, and fashion among others, owing to the circumstances we are all in collectively. However, some are still wary about making the switch from everyday products that are capable of harming their bodies and the environment, to more natural, sustainable options. This is due to multiple reasons—ranging from brand loyalty to general marketing gimmicks and lack of awareness. If you look at the skincare and beauty industry, this skepticism is due to common myths that do the rounds about natural skincare. We have curated a list of the five most common myths and debunked them to help ease your understanding about all things natural in skincare.

MYTH: Natural skincare is not as effective as its chemical counterparts.

FACT: The idea of natural skincare is based on the premise of using the purest ingredients. This means they are not diluted or mixed with other ingredients that hinder their efficacy. Natural skincare products contain high percentages of concentrated nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants, which ensure optimum results once you start using them. Chemical-laden drugstore products often contain diluted ingredients and chemical preservatives to extend shelfspan. This may give you desired results temporarily, but will prove to be harmful in the long run.

MYTH: Eating healthy ensures great skin without having to religiously follow a skincare routine that’s natural and sustainable.

FACT: There is no denying the fact that what you put in your body is reflected on the outside. Eating healthy is definitely a way to achieve good skin but it cannot be substituted for a proper and efficient skincare routine. While the kind of food you eat does contribute to a glow from within, it won’t help in removing external build up, dirt, grime, and sweat from your skin. Unless these pollutants are removed effectively, your skin will react in a negative manner. Hence, a skincare regime is crucial to maintain glowing skin. For truly healthy skin, combine a healthy diet with natural skincare products.

MYTH: Natural skincare is expensive.

FACT: This myth is fairly common when it comes to sustainable and natural ingredients. While it is true that production and manufacturing of some natural skincare products is slightly more on the expensive side as compared to commercial cosmetics, the reason is sheerly because sustaining the production and manufacturing of pure ingredients in formulations is costly. On the other hand, commercial cosmetics are available at a much cheaper price but they tend to have tons of chemicals in them. Having said that, we at Perenne believe that access to good quality skincare doesn’t necessarily have to be overly expensive. Our aim is to provide the best quality natural skincare at affordable rates so that everyone can enjoy natural skincare and its associated benefits in equal measure.

MYTH: Natural skincare is a fleeting trend/fad.

FACT: As with any emerging industry, some believe that natural skincare is a fad similar to the ‘n’ number of skincare trends that do the rounds thanks to the internet. However, simple and natural ingredients have been used to protect the skin for centuries and continues to be an important consideration for skincare experts and enthusiasts globally. With the current large-scale shift towards a healthier lifestyle, natural skincare is likely to become a norm rather than a trend, and for all the good reasons.

MYTH: Natural skincare is complicated.

FACT: It is incorrectly presumed that using basic and simple ingredients must involve a complex and meticulous application process. This can’t be further from the truth. The application process of natural skincare is just the same as commercial, drugstore products, if not cleaner and easier. All you need are the right products.

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