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How to Choose a Natural Skincare Routine for Oily Skin

How to Choose a Natural Skincare Routine for Oily Skin

Haven’t found the right products to control the excess sebum production? Look no further.

Do you ever feel that your skin feels greasy, congested, and always shiny? You could have an oily skin type.

Our skin has the ability to naturally produce oil using glands known as sebaceous glands. The primary function of these glands is to secrete a substance called sebum—a thick oily mixture that consists of fat and debris. The sebum acts as a lubricant and helps in keeping the skin moisturised. But when the sebum becomes overactive and produces excess oil, this skin type is defined as an oily skin type.

Oily skin types tend to have large, clogged pores with persistent pimples, blemishes, and blackheads. This skin type is typically hereditary, but can also result from heightened hormones (puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, or menopause) and stress levels, weather conditions, or lifestyle habits.

What is the solution?

We recommend finding a natural skincare routine for oily skin that is rich in purifying ingredients like tea tree oil, neem, green tea, grapefruit and passion fruit. Following a natural skincare routine for oily skin helps unclog pores and clear unwanted acne, oil, and congestion in the most gentle, non-irritant way.

Natural ingredients like tea tree oil and jojoba oil help combat bacteria-driven acne. They have anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties that naturally cleanse the skin. These ingredients are incredibly versatile in their healing properties and further target skin concerns like pigmentation and scarring. They contain high vitamin and mineral content, which is ideal for soaking up the excess oil, moisturising the skin and giving it an even complexion.

What is the best natural skincare routine for oily skin?

The best natural skincare routine for oily skin should include products that:

  1. Absorb the excess oil on the skin
  2. Gently exfoliate
  3. Eliminate clogged pores
  4. Help fight acne
  5. Promote cell turnover

Choose products that balance the skin without stripping it of its natural oils and maintain normal sebum levels. Look for clarifying cleansers and toners, antioxidant-packed dry oils, and non-comedogenic moisturisers.

Step-by-step guide for the best natural skincare routine for oily skin

STEP 1: Cleanse

Choosing a lightweight, sulphate-free gentle cleanser is the first step in your natural skincare routine for oily skin. With constant sweat, pollution, sun rays, makeup, and dirt, our skin needs a deep cleanse that removes bacteria and dirt.

Our pick: The Oil Control Clarifying Facewash from Perenne Cosmetics contains tea tree leaf oil, willow bark extract, and neem. It balances the sebum oil production and absorbs the toxins and excess oil from the skin.

STEP 2: Tone

Toners help in regulating the skin’s pH levels. Picking a mild toner for your natural skincare routine for oily skin will also help remove impurities and minimise pores.

Our pick: The formulation of the Clarifying Oil Control Toner by Perenne Cosmetics is designed in such a way which balances and refines the skin. It contains aloe vera, grapefruit, rose, and green tea extract, which are all essential to unclog the pores post-cleansing.

STEP 3: Serum

Serums are light, fast-absorbing liquids used in addition to creams and lotions. They help in giving your skin an added boost of nourishment. Those that are water-based and rich in hydrating ingredients, like rosemary and passionfruit, are great options for oily skin. They are non-greasy and leave little residue behind.

Our pick: The Instant Hydration Nectar Dry Oil Serum from Perenne Cosmetics is hydrating, non-greasy, and works well with oily skin types. Ingredients like passionfruit, acai, pear, and walnut oil have antioxidant and antibacterial properties that help reduce breakouts and stay clear of acne.

STEP 4: Moisturise

People often believe that if they have an oily skin type, they do not need to moisturise their skin. This is the biggest myth! In fact, your oily skin is crying out for hydration when it begins to produce excess oil. Picking a light-weight moisturiser for your natural skincare routine for oily skin that has oil-controlling ingredients is important. Gel-based creams tend to work best for oily skin because they hydrate without clogging the pores.

Our pick: The Oil Control Clarifying Gel-based Moisturiser from Perenne Cosmetics has willow bark extract, soybean seed extract, and neem. Willow bark is a natural exfoliant that helps with the shedding of dead cells; soybean contains linoleic acid which strengthens the skin's moisture barrier; and neem is very effective in controlling excess sebum production in oily skin types.

STEP 5: Sunscreen

Pick a sunscreen that has a natural, non-greasy, and non-sticky formula. Look for antioxidant ingredients like green tea and fruit extracts. Make sure it’s SPF 50+ and lightly sits on your skin. This is the perfect blend for a natural skincare routine for oily skin.

Our pick: The Broad Spectrum Sunscreen from Perenne Cosmetics is a light formula that contains antioxidants like jojoba oil and green tea. This helps in providing umpteen protection from the sun’s harmful rays while also reducing tanning.

Building a skincare regimen with the right products and formulations can help you in the long run with keeping your skin healthy.

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