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The Perfect Base for Diwali, in Four Easy Steps

The Perfect Base for Diwali, in Four Easy Steps

The season for celebration and a calendar full of soirées is around the corner. Diyas light up every home and the planets line up favourably, as our country gears up for one of its biggest and brightest festivals, Diwali. This means we must start preparing to look our best from within, to complement the gorgeous and sparkly ethnic outfits we are about to sport. Diwali makeup is synonymous with a full-blown glam, lots of shimmer and sparkle, and glowy radiant skin. And for makeup that looks flawless, you need to start with a flawless base. All makeup artists will tell you that a flawless base can only be achieved with good and well-nourished skin, which helps create a luminous canvas for smooth makeup application. A proper and efficient skincare routine before you put on your Diwali look is absolutely essential for a radiant finish. It also helps the makeup last longer and acts as a strong foundation for your Diwali makeup.

Here’s how you can achieve that perfect base for your Diwali makeup in four easy steps:

    1. Prime Time: Start with prepping your skin using the Perenne Glow Booster Serum. The serum will create a smooth canvas for your Diwali makeup, and protect your skin from any potential damage caused by makeup. This step helps the foundation blend like a dream and makes the skin appear iridescent and glowing, making you look radiant from within. Next, apply a generous amount of moisturiser to hydrate and plump your skin. It will help the foundation from appearing too cakey or dry. We recommend the Perenne Oil Control Clarifying Moisturiser, which comes in a light gel-based formula to give you just enough hydration. You can dab some on your face using your fingers or do a quick facial massage with upwards strokes to get the blood flowing. Enter healthy, flushed, and radiant skin.

    1. Mist, Mist, Mist: To set the skincare products in place and also instantly brighten your face, follow up with a facial mist. The Perenne Revitalizing Tonic Mist is ideal for your Diwali look with its combination of natural extracts like aloe vera, licorice, white mulberry, green tea, lavender, and grapefruit extract. A quick spritz acts as an effective primer while also sealing the perfect base for your Diwali makeup.

    1. Correct and Conceal: Once the face is sufficiently hydrated and primed, apply an even layer of a light-reflecting foundation and blend well. For added coverage, dab some colour corrector on problem areas. Follow it up with a lighter shade of concealer to brighten and accentuate the high points of your face and a darker shade to achieve a subtle sculpted effect.

  1. Setting it Straight: Seal this perfectly-created base with a translucent powder. Opt for a loose one instead of a pressed powder to avoid a chalky finish. Lightly dust all over your face and that’s it! A luminous, glowy flawless base is ready for your Diwali makeup.
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