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What’s The Difference: Dry And Dehydrated Skin

What’s The Difference: Dry And Dehydrated Skin

An overlook at the difference between dry and dehydrated skin, and solutions for both

One of the most common concerns talked about within the skincare industry is dry skin. Many people believe that they have dry skin, even without a proper diagnosis from a dermatologist. And while it can certainly be true, especially if your skin feels tight or dry, itchy skin is a term overused and often confused with dehydrated skin. We tell you the difference between dry and dehydrated skin, and what you can do to combat both.

What is dehydrated skin?

While most people think that they have dry skin and spend a lot of money buying products to heal their dry skin, they actually have dehydrated skin. Dehydrated skin is caused by a lack of water on the outer most layer of the skin, and can be aggravated by other problems.

Lack of water

Our body is composed of 60 per cent water, so ensuring that you drink enough H2O is crucial for your overall health. But with our skin being the largest organ, it’s even more important. If you aren’t drinking eight glasses of water each day and including water-rich fruits and vegetables in your diet, your skin can become dehydrated quickly.

Air conditioning

A common resolve for the warmer, more humid seasons is to constantly sit in an air-conditioned room. This dries the skin out, and when you are in it regularly, you will cause chronic dehydration over time.

Sun damage

The sun is one of the main causes of ageing, but did you know that harmful UVA rays from the sun could also dehydrate your skin. Even few moments of exposure to UVA radiation can increase free radicals in the skin, making it feel dehydrated.

Using the incorrect products

When it comes to choosing products for dehydrated skin, good quality ingredients are key. Choose products with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, which is known to help retain water in the outer layer of skin, and is the hero ingredient of our Replenishing Under Eye Repair Gel Cream With Hyaluronic Acid and vitamin E, available in our Radiance Day Cream for Dry Skin.

If your skin feels tight, looks dull, or is sensitive, then you have dehydrated skin.

What is dry skin?

Dry skin is a skin type where the skin contains less of the oil-producing glands on the skin than there should be. Dry skin produces less sebum than it should and its lipids, which keep the skin moisturised and plump, is lacking. If your skin feels rough or you have flaky skin on the face, you have dry skin. The only real solution is to use the correct products and nourish the skin on a daily basis. Avoid ingredients that temporarily add moisture, like hyaluronic acid, and opt for formulations with long-term benefits, like shea butter, which is a proven moisturiser and will offer everlasting hydration and soothe the skin. Try our Moisturizing Cream with Shea Butter for All Skin Types .

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