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Why it is important to apply toner on your skin?

Why it is important to apply toner on your skin?

There’s no doubt that today’s cosmetic industry is oversaturated. With excess products and steps, it can be difficult to decide what your skin actually needs and doesn’t. But the benefits of a basic skin care routine—cleansing, toning, and moisturising should never be overlooked. Most people understand what cleansing and moisturising does for the skin, but many aren’t educated about the benefits of toning.

What are the benefits of toning?

If you suffer from sensitivity, dryness, oiliness, or redness and don’t tone your face, this could be the problem and an easy step to cure these symptoms. Adding toning to your skin care routine will have the following four benefits:

1. Balances the skin’s pH levels

The skin is naturally acidic. On average, the skin is between a five and six on a scale of 0-14 on the pH scale. The sun, products, and cleansing can all change your skin’s pH levels, specifically due to the alkalinity level of cleansers. This causes your skin to produce excess oil and other changes. Applying a face toner regularly—especially after cleanser—will help it to restore its natural pH levels.

2. Tightens pores

Big or open pores are one of the most common skin complaints from men and women around the world. Open pores can cause the texture of the skin to look rough and uneven, even when it’s not. A face toner helps to tighten and close cell gaps in the skin after cleansing, making pores shrink and appear smaller.

3. Refresher

Whether it’s from makeup, sweat, or oily skin, our complexion can end up looking dirty midday or when travelling. Applying a facial toner throughout the day will keep it looking fresh and clean. Use in in addition or in place of a facial mist.

4. Treatment

There are so many toners on the market, so choose one that has added ingredients to help cure any skin concerns that you may have. Witch hazel added to a face toner is great for acne and pores. Calendula works well for soothing irritated or red skin. A face toner with an acid, like lactic or glycolic can help exfoliate and prevent dry skin and ingrown hair, and rose water, the hero ingredient in our Clarifying Oil Control Toner, will help inflammation, caused by acne or eczema.

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