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Experience the Eternal and Undying Beauty with Perenne’s Natural Products

Experience the Eternal and Undying Beauty with Perenne’s Natural Products

Perenne offers a range of skincare products created with the goodness of natural ingredients. Perenne is a Spanish word that means Evergreen. Perenne aims at elevating skin’s balance, health and youthfulness to a new level through prevention, protection, reviving and recovery.

Perenne Aviation Times BannerThe brand’s range of products is inspired by Indian diversity of flora and fauna rich in precious ingredients which are a gift to us for beautiful and healthy skin. From the ancient times, these natural ingredients are used by Indian women to enhance their beauty. Perenne has combined these ingredients with modern Biotechnology (like stem cells) and other ingredients from around the world to make products that give the best results.

Here are a few products from the range that will keep your skin protected and nourished this winter season.

Moisturising Cream
Perenne moisturising cream deeply nourishes the skin. It contains Vitamin A and E that protects the skin from environmental damage, act as antioxidants, repairs skin, prevents premature ageing and makes the skin soft and supple. It also contains Grapefruit Extract which has anti-ageing benefits. The cream locks the water inside the skin making the skin even-toned and nourished. It is suitable for Dry/Normal skin.

Perenne Radiance Day Cream

It is a natural active complex that lightens up the skin tone giving a bright clear complexion. Actives like derivatives of jojoba, green tea, kiwi and grapefruit, deeply nourish the skin and maintain the oil and water balance. These ingredients prevent premature ageing and hydrate the skin. Its sun-protecting agents prevent further tanning or pigmentation. This product is 86% natural and makes the skin tone even and protects our skin from harmful UV radiations.

Perenne Broad Spectrum

Perenne’s SPF 50 is a non-greasy mattifying Sunscreen that prevents tanning, sunburns or any other harmful effects of solar radiation on skin. It also lightens the skin tone and reduces tanning and pigmentation. It is 72% natural and sufficiently hydrating so can be applied without applying moisturiser.

Perenne Body Lotion

It has Vitamin E and Shea Butter which deeply nourish the skin making it soft and supple. It also has SPF agents that help in preventing tanning, sunburns and any other skin problems caused due to sun rays. The body lotion contains 80% natural ingredients like Green tea and Licorice root extract that help in lightening up the skin tone, making it even-toned and fair.

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